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On this page we present to you our current program suggestions

First a few words about the wind quintet...


This formation of 5 instruments brings together an unparalleled richness and diversity of timbres.

Since the evolution of the production of wind instruments since 1830, this formation has emerged more and more and a number of curious composers have begun to take an interest in it and to compose for it.

The quintet then gained its popularity in a 20th century in full search for new things. Innovation and the desire to go towards the unexploited push composers to bring up to date these chamber instruments hitherto neglected for traditional strings.

-Philharmonie de Paris:

The wind quintet is also a formation suitable for various transcriptions and arrangements of orchestral scores., which allows a wide choice of repertoire.


The pearls of French music

• IBERT Jacques: 3 short pieces (7’)

• RAVEL Maurice: The Tomb of Couperin (12’)

• FRANÇAIX Jean: Quintet n°1 (20’)

• SAINT-SAËNS Camille: The Dance of Death (7’)

Transcriptions, arrangements or pieces actually written for wind quintet, this colorful program reveals all the subtlety ‘à la française’ while highlighting the particularities and beauty of each of the instruments in the wind quintet. From the humor of Jacques Ibert to the frenzied dance of Camille Saint-Saëns passing through the sumptuous harmonies of Maurice Ravel, embark with us on a journey to discover these pearls of French music who know how to enchant us through every decade!


Travel in Europe

• DANZI Franz: Quintet in G min Op.56 n°2 (12’)
• ARNOLD Malcolm: Three Shanties (7’)

• DVORAK Antonìn: Arr. by David WALTER from the Op.96 Quartet n°12 called “American” (22’)
• LIGETI György Bagatelles (12’)

Embark with the Quintet Diablo for a musical journey across different countries! Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the waves and the songs popular among 20th century Anglo-Saxon sailors in the Three Malcolm Arnold's Shanties, while taking a nostalgic detour through the Czech Republic in Dvorak’s native country, ending our tour with the rhythmic and inflamed Bagatelles of Ligeti.


Aboard the Coastal Express, the journey to the far north

• MORTENSEN Otto: Wind quintet in three movements (18’)
• AHO Kalevi: Wind Quintet No. 1 (9’)

• NIELSEN Carl: Wind quintet Op.43 (23’)

Embark with the Quintet Diablo for a trip aboard the Coastal Express, a boat that runs along the coasts of the far north and which will immerse you in its sumptuous scenery. Discover the composers of the Nordic countries who were inspired by these landscapes to write their most beautiful piece of classical music for wind quintet. The lightness and soft melodies of Otto Mortensen's quintet passing through the vivacity of Kalevi Aho without forgetting the popular Danish themes present in Carl Nielsen's quintet, there are 50 minutes of music to immerse you in a breath of invigorating fresh air!

now its your turn to compose

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